Halloween Paper Plate Faces

Halloween Paper Plate Faces

If you have hit that half term wall and are running out of inspiration for fun things to do how about this cheap and cheerful craft idea. My son was off school the other week ill and after watching Mr Maker was inspired to make something, so we came up with this using just bits we had at home. If you are fed up of Halloween then you could easily make some Christmas paper plate decorations – some ideas at the end.

You Will Need
Paper plates any size
Poster/Ready Mix Paint – various colours
Glitter paint (optional)
Googly Eyes
Various Coloured Card/Paper or Foam
PVA Glue

1)Decide on design you will create. For a spider or pumpkin paint all of the plate in your chosen colour, for a monster draw your design in pencil first then paint.

Painted plates

2)Once paint has dried you can add a layer of glitter paint or go straight to adding googly eyes and cut out nose, mouth, arms, legs etc from coloured card, paper or foam and stick to plate with some PVA glue.

Faces and limbs

3)Once dry you can either display your masterpiece on the wall or a mantelpiece or you could staple the plates to some string or thick ribbon to hang down a wall or on a door.

Finished craft

This was such fun and so easy to do I think we will create some for Christmas. Ideas we have include a giant Christmas bauble, a snowman (using one big and one small plate). Santa face, Rudolph, A rotund Robin and a Christmas Pud. We will post pics once made and do share your own ideas and pics.

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