Heave Ho Me Hearties – Pirate Parties

Party themes, I have decided are like buses, they come along in threes! My next three parties all have a pirate theme running through them and throughout the year Pirate parties are one of my most popular bookings. With the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 I would anticipate this popularity to continue. So why are pirates so popular?

A-ha Jim Lad!

Well for children’s parties I think the opportunity to dress up and for boys particularly to have sword fights is of great appeal. For me as a party planner the theme offers up so many opportunities for fun. Firstly no pirate party would be complete without a treasure hunt and I’ve not met a child yet who doesn’t enjoy this activity. The scope for this is endless – hiding plastic coins for the children to find, finding picture clues, riddles, maps – treasure hunts are one activity that can be truly adapted to whatever age group, and who doesn’t like finding a treasure box full of chocolate coins at the end.

Pirate Jo

There are so many props associated with pirates that dressing up and prop related games are great fun. At Act One Parties we love playing Walk the Plank and Hook the Treasure races and a Scrub the Decks race and there are many sea related parachute games that always go down well. For games without props you can’t beat Port Starboard, A Pirate Drama Adventure, Singing Sea Shanties or Sea Monster Are you Hungry? Once the Pirates have found their treasure how about some limbo dancing to get them well and truly in the party spirit.

Walking the plank!

Many people think of Pirate parties as a boys theme but in my experience girls love it equally as much and to add a bit more “girlyness” you can always combine with Princesses or Mermaids.

Pirate Dressing Up - so many possibilities

So if you fancy some squashbuckling fun do not hesitate to contact Joanne at Act One Parties to book your pirate party. All together now – “Heave ho me hearties.”

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