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Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

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Now, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #4 reveals the final fate of the Batman of this doomed world, and it's tragically fitting end for the Caped Crusader. With its post-apocalyptic setting, giant monsters, tone and art style, this felt like a BPRD book with Wonder Woman stepping into the Hellboy role. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course. I’d say it didn’t feel like a Wonder Woman story but I haven’t read Wonder Woman since John Byrne was on the book, so what do I know? Dee: You're crazy! Who are you to talk about love? You don't even know me! Nobody can live like you say! It's inhuman!

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In the end, there’s very little we have in this world that is truly permanent. Not our family, not our possessions, not our minds, not even the ground we stand on. And in the face of inevitable loss, we can either choose to destroy what we hate, or embrace a radical compassion for each other. One will lead us to lose what we have even faster, but the other may give the world a chance for something better. Big Damn Heroes: Cheetah shows up with Pegasus on Themyscira just in time to save Diana and her companion from Hippolyta and Nubia. Because in some ways this is that famous Mad Max movie, just replacing Max with Diana. Sure, that is an over simplification of the story-line. It is an accurate description of how I felt by the end of the tale (note: I liked Fury Road). Chekhov's Gun: Diana's gauntlets, which are explained as restraining her from using her raw strength. Removing them is how she killed Superman.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted. All the characters, including the usually fanservicey and gorgeous Diana, look appropriately worse for wear in the post-apocalypse and have "ugly" faces in the heat of the moment. Cuando Diana despierta tras un sueño de siglos, descubre que la Tierra ha quedado reducida a un desierto nuclear. Ahora, está atrapa en un futuro peligroso y oscuro, protegiendo la última ciudad humana de unos monstruos titánicos y luchando por destapar el secreto de esta Tierra muerta... y su posible responsabilidad en ello.” Now it’s not only humanity that Diana must question her trust in, but herself – who has become the cause of her own worst nightmare.

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Breaking Ultimate Universe News at New York Comic Con! Children of the Vault! | CBH Live! October 20, 2023 Princess Diana of Themyscira left paradise to save Man’s World from itself. When Wonder Woman awakens from a centuries-long sleep to discover the Earth reduced to a nuclear wasteland, she knows she failed. Trapped alone in a grim future, Diana must protect the last human city from titanic monsters while uncovering its secret of this dead Earth-and how she may be responsible for it. ” Synopsis [ ] The Great Fire was an enraged and unrestrained Wonder Woman fighting Superman at high speeds, leading to other places on Earth getting destroyed in the process. Diana's strength greatly weakened due to her burnout from the fight. Besides that, I totally enjoyed this dark ride and author-artist Daniel Warren Johnson just gained a new fan. Sorry, but I just thought the story was incredibly meh. I didn't hate-hate it, but I'm sure as shit not reading any more of it. To be very honest, I just didn't like this incarnation of Wonder Woman at all. The explanation for the state of the world was weird, and several things seemed completely out of character for Diana. The humans huddled together were (to me) a very throwaway group that I didn't care about at all. And the battle at the end wasn't very gripping. It felt like every other story I've ever read about how our warmongering and pollution will eventually end us.

Diana’s relationship with Dee is the core of “Dead Earth,” which exemplifies the innate compassion of our hero that propels her tenacious fight for a better world. Even when Dee initially betrays her and imprisons her, Diana expresses a compassion for her that’s an extension of her love for the world. As an illustrator, Daniel Warren Johnson’s art is instantly recognizable thanks to his extremely kinetic sense of action and scratchy characters. Everything is in constant motion and every character feels wounded and ragged, even when nothing has happened to them. In Johnson’s hands, each person is seen through a different lens of beauty that removes any sexualization and instead creates a vulnerable humanity. Heroic RRoD: Diana goes into one after Themyscira is nuked, leading to her killing Superman out of rage with the Earth as collateral damage. She faints afterward, forgetting what happened.

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DeadEarthis what happens when you plop Diana of Themiscyra’s mythos into apocalyptian high fantasy.”—Den of Geek Part of the reason this setting works so soundly is because Daniel Warren Johnson, who plays double duty as both author and artist, uses the harsh world to contrast and highlight Diana’s character brilliantly. The princess of Themyscira is both compassionate and brutally ruthless in combat. Relatively early in the story, she deposes the aforementioned dictator of this society of survivors, but she chooses not to kill him, instead jailing him and even offering him a chance to help her lead. In one particularly memorable scene while Diana is imprisoned by the people she thought would be her new allies, one of her captors incredulously questions a statement she makes about loving all of humanity, even when they betray her. Dead Earth” is human emotions and global fears rendered on an extreme scale. This has all been the story of what it means when you realize how terrible the world can be and your own capacity for destruction and how you decide to move on from that. Any size contribution will help keep CBH alive and full of new comics guides and content. Support CBH on Patreon for exclusive rewards, or Donate here! Thank you for reading!One of the things I like about writing Diana is her willingness to put herself on the line,” said Johnson. “She has this loving character about her, which you don’t really see in Superman or Batman. Wonder Woman is not afraid to say ‘I love you.’” Still, Wonder Woman doesn't let Batman die in vain. While Batman may very well have insured her survival by placing her in the chamber in the Batcave, Wonder Woman honors her friend's memory by taking one of his signature yellow utility belts and adopting it as part of her post-apocalyptic costume. Because the most important, lasting relationships in Diana’s history are with women. And because this is a story about love, trust, and the bonds forged and broken between women. What that means to Dee, Diana, Barbara, and more is what drives this story forward, creating its most beautiful and tragic moments. The Passion of Wonder Woman I loved Daniel Warren Johnson's Murder Falcon, so I had high hopes for this. In the end it felt like some regular post-apocalyptic stuff but this time it had Wonder Woman's name on it, and that made it lesser. I always hate when the first thing that happens in some sci-fi/fantasy setting is female characters being abused, and boy oh boy that was certainly the first issue. Diana ends up hostage to the first man in the book and he is going to force her to be his "wife". She meets another character who implies a lot of abuse at his hands. I wish writers would leave this trope behind but hey if you're a man writing a 'dark' book you're obligated to do that, I guess. I Need a Freaking Drink: After bringing Diana to the Batcave and placing her in the healing pod, Bruce, already dying from radiation poisoning, enjoys his first drink on a couch overlooking the ruins of Gotham, the same couch his corpse is found on centuries later.

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